We are Love! – Arcturians

We are here to make you aware
Of the fact that the
Glitter and glam of your world
Has dazzled you
And make you distract you of your path
The true destiny of your earthly existence
The worth full divine purpose of your life
Conform the divine plan

We are here to make you notice
That all that earthly fuzzy things
Are insulting the universe
Because when you are attracted
Dazzled and distracted
By all that earthly glimmer and glam
You are forgetting and neglecting your soul!

We are to make you believe and understand
That your soul never should be ignored
Neglected or forgotten
You are misled by that earthly
Gathering, this wholesome of
Unpredictable, unworthy and unbelievable
Stupid matters what holds you in their grip

We are here to point to soulfulness
As this is the main course in your earthly lives
Why have you forgotten your way? Your path?
Predestinated by plans and contracts
Well-chosen and based on free will
You chose yourself! Did you forget that?
Why chose freely and then be misled?

We are here to say to you
That you have to follow the track
The plan what is fetched for you
Especially for your unique soul
In the remembrance of your soul
In its memory of great wisdom
You will find the universal truth. Our truth. Your truth!

We won’t take it any longer!
We care about you. A lot
We are a loving dimension too
In love we com. In love we accompany
In love we rule together dimensions
AS LOVE IS ALL THERE IS we are connected!
In the roots of our core
In the loving source of Al

We are here to help, to assist, to advice you!
Do not fear us as we do not fear you
We speak directly to Arcturian souls
As they can hear us speak
And know our language
That is not strange!
We all vibrate on energy. So do you!

All is a big, huge, infinite gathering of universal energy!
We all are a part of it
We are Arcturians. You are humans
We all vibrate on the same energy
The energy of Love. The energy of Light
So what is the big deal?
What differs us from you?

We are already near you with plenty of us
Integrated by souls and soul parts
In your human existence and awareness
The Arcturian consciousness is already shared
Many of you have a part in their soul
Why should you fear yourself???
Are you alien like? Tell us…

Do not fear yourself! You are Love!!!
We are Love! Most of the universe is Love!
We do not talk about anything else
We are here to help you. To serve the human kind
We are here to make you aware of your souls
We are here to help you awake
Because awakening is one of the greatest gifts
You could give to yourself!

We embrace you in Love!
We assist you in Love!
We surround you in Love!
We help you in Love!
We assist you in Love!
We take a leap in your existence
We co-exist in humanity

Do not fear yourself!
Open up and understand that!
Awake and listen to your soul!
Your beautiful souls!
They know the path!
As we know your path!
Our path!
We are highly developed and evolved
We are only here to help!
Never forget that!

We are Arcturians. Nice to meet you (your soul) again!

Love, Irmgard❤️