Twin Soul Love

When you are feeling stuck
Or down due of past times
Remembrances of passed days
Anchored as pains in your soul
Just realize that all you carried out
You gave was the best you could
At that time, for time being
The intention in your heart matters

You’re grown into the dust
As a soul. You beautiful soul
The path of life pushed you forward
Towards the path of the soul
You felt lonesome, alone and stuck
Maybe forgotten sometimes
But we aren’t
You are loved. So much!

Always giving, giving to others
Serving from soul to soul
As times faded away
You didn’t realize you lived as well
With your longings, desires and wishes
With your love. Lots of love
Plenty given…
But unable to receive anymore

Unwilling to receive
Of the burdens of the past
But we, dear fellowman
Dear brother of the Light
We foresee other plans
Plans of the universe
Universally molded and contracted
In which you agreed

The process of self-reflection
Is a lonesome process
The revelation of yourself
Needed to be done
In order to clean your precious soul
In order to make room for other things
Beautiful things. Things related to LOVE

You are unwilling to receive
For decades
Never teached to receive Love
Never lived to receive Love
Anxious to hold to your comfort zone
Fears of disbelief. Of unwillingness
Fears of sorrows and grief

But dear brother, brother in Light
Brother in Love
It is time to open up!
It is time to start living!
It is time to share your beautiful soul!
With your other half
To be reunited into the dust
To make the soul whole again

We had to make you feel like that
There was no other way
You were so anxious. So unwilling
But you have to do this
As your will is universally seen not needed
Unnecessary and not appreciated
You have to follow up the plan
The great plan of your soul

We are sorry that we let you suffer
That we faced you the depth of your grief
Of understanding the universal wisdom
You have to carry out this wisdom
To your other half
You already know that. She already knows that
What’s the big deal? Love is love
It is always been like that and it will always be

Face yourself. Face your shortcomings
And all that ‘nasty’ dualities
What holds you back for such a long time
What limited your soul to live itself
We don’t accept it anymore
You have to open up your heart
To let the LOVE in. To let your LOVE out
Are we clear? You know this too
She knows this too

It is universally seen almost time
But before that
You have to face your process
You have to reveal yourself
In order to let the flow of the universe
To let the flow of Love enter in your life
You’re able to Love (again)
You are so worthy!!!
We envision great, everlasting Love. For eternity

Don’t hold back anymore
You’re okay and in this ‘okayness’
You will find yourself again
The essence of who you are
The core of your being
So that all that predestined love
Can enter your heart. Can enter your soul
And that is what your universe wants

Your universe is bigger than your universe
You have to share your universe
With your twin flame
In acceptance, surrender and great Love
You will be reunited
She knows. You know
Just follow your path
Just follow your leads
And you will reacquainted for ever…

Love, Irmgard❤️