The wisdom of your soul

Since a long time a new channeling!

Wherever you go
You are wise!
The wisdom of your being
Is hidden in the centre
Of your awareness
In the depth of your being
In the wholeness
In the complexity
Of your earthly adaption

In the wisdom of your soul
Lays all the energetical knowledge
Gained by experience
Gathered by pains, burdens and disbelief
But also remembrances
Of good times, loving lives and prosperity
Your soul is a library of wisdom!
Energetical sourced wisdom
And this last forever

In the eternity of your soul
Lays all what you have to know
It is sourced by us, the universe
Sourced by Light and love
The well of Al, all what is
So it’s important that you maintain
Your own source, the library of wisdom, well
That you embrace it, nurture it
You cherish it with dedication and Love
Lots of Love!!!

As soon as you take care properly of your source
The well-being of your soul
You will be able to live it
With all its knowledge, Love
But also all the Light what it contains
Sourced in layers of a golden hearted
Specie of mankind you are aware
You must be aware of your own library
To live your fullest potential
The divinely planned you

In your consciousness
In your state of being
On a spiritual level
You are able to live
The greatest achievement
There is in human life: soul evolvement!
To seek within your internal wisdom
You have to clear up and clean up
Your inner being, the soul
Of the layers of pains, the veils of the past

We will help you to get rid of these
Thick layers of energetical burdens
Of pains who last even in your current life
As most souls have many lives (lived)
It is a great accomplishment to make sure
That your layers of, this gathering
Of long lived energies will fade away in time
Earthly time. As the universe is timeless
It will give you so much relief
Once you cleansed up your inner being

Wisdom is wisdom!
But you have to make sure
That you can read your own books
The books of soul knowledge
The sufficient imballistic cloud of energy
What surrounds you and can’t be hidden anymore
You have to make sure you can rely
On your internal library
The library of the soul
To live your truth. To live your wisdom
As it is all what is necessary to evolve your soul!

Love, Irmgard