The stairway to soul heaven

Soul wisdom…
When your soul
Is a library
Of knowledge
You have an inner richness
What is undoubtedly
The greatest achievement
Of a soul
Soul enlightenment

Your soul is always
Seeking for wisdom
Through experiences
Past life trauma’s
Are also a part
Of this inner knowledge
It seems strange
But through
The hardest life lessons
Lays the greatest achievement

When your life is smooth
Gently and predictable
That’s really nice!
For you! For your adaption!
But as stated
The biggest failures
The greatest pains
The hardest life lessons
Are of great learning experiences
Of the soul!!!

We aren’t a dimension
That wish you and your soul pain
But let’s be honest
To each other, dear children in the dust
What will your soul learn
Of a procure, smoothened set up path
Unwilling and unable to learn
From hiccups, faults and pains?
We sure envision a movement
A evolvement to the Light
With all the Love you carry in your soul!

Of course we want you to be happy!!!
No doubt about that!
But how can your soul be happy
As the path it walks on
Is foreseen in easiness
In an unchallenged life
A kind of the worst
Predictable path there is
Your soul needs grow!
In chances, in challenges
But also in harsh full moments
And, we want to emphasize this, pain…

Never underestimate
The worth of life lessons
Because in these moments
In these terrible painful matters
Lies the greatest grow
The biggest evolvement
We do not wish you and your soul pain
But sometimes it’s necessary
To let your soul and being grow
To make the best version
Of the great inner divine core there is

Don’t be angry on us, the universe
We are keepers of plans
Narrators of contracts
All to let you grow, evolve
To let you live the greatest
Soul potential you have!
Grow needs also pain
And a soul heading up
To the soul enlightenment
On the stairway to heaven
Soul heaven we mean
You have to face the (earthly) reality!

That’s what we wanted to tell
To you in this moment
As the moment of belief
Is always this moment
Don’t forget we help you
Always! On your path
Wrap our arms around you

Be aware of our interference
But also of our comforting abilities
As angels are all along you
To be there when you need it the most
Be receptive to receive
As a grateful soul
Has always our back twice
As a matter of speaking….

Love, Irmgard💖