The limitless heart and soul

We are just as limited
As we think we are…
Perhaps our ‘visionary and intelligent’ world
Is rather limited! Our knowing by the ego
On the moments our ego drives us
Our thoughts limit us!!! That is one thing for sure!

If you live by an open heart and
A soul who wants to expand and evolve itself
There are NO boundaries at all
Because you live your life as the soul wants you to do
And in that perception you live the universal energy of the soul
And the universe will meet you there!

Seen in the greatness of the universe
There are no limits! As space, Love and Light are endless…
There are no restrictions seen in the Love and Light!!!
All the limitations you face are put on it by the mind, the ego!
A heart knows the open way, the universal route to take

So, beloved ones, you limit yourselves. Always!
By the mind, the ratio, the intelligence, the mindset and ego
Especially THE EGO!!! As there is no such thing, yes we call it thing!
Than the restricted influenceable thinking by your ego minded adaptions
Therefor we despite ego! As the guidance of your precious earthly life!

Except the restricted observations, the limitations ego’s live
There are also the negative emotions involved due to ego minded thinking
As the ego puts the negativity in your life with its rather ‘strange’ emotions
Like anger, anxiety, fears and insecurity. Lack of self-confidence and so many ‘bad’ emotions more
Therefor why should you live by the ego, anyway? As the heart and the soul give you so much more

The heart and the soul, now our souls starts to shiver of Love and Light!
Now we are talking!!! An open heart and a soul what is living its life purpose
Aren’t limited at all. On the contrary! It gives you possibilities, chances and meetings with people
An open heart and a energetical soul aligned with the Light and Love of our dimension
Gives you power, strength, courage, self-confidence, happiness (!!!) and the universe itself

As the universe is spaceless, without limitations or boundaries
We recommend to live your earthly lives by the heart!!!

According to the Love and Light what surround you completely when you are up to face it
To live it. With whole your heart and soul! That is what we want! That is what we desire!
Live, Love, feel, be the Light as you are meant to be!!! Always! Everywhere!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by Irmgard (Irmgard)