The devoted wisdom is LOVE

In your loving sweetness
You will find your tenderness
As the immaculate devoted
Wisdom is Love
Is always profound
And near you

Devoted wisdom
Has to be shared!
Devoted wisdom
Has to be lived!
As Love is
The wisdom of the heart!
Is the wisdom of the soul!

You are so lucky!
Born with an enormous
Overflown of LOVE
A huge radiance of Light
Therefore your Love & Light
Has to be shared!
Has to be spread!

Your devoted wisdom
Has to be reunited
All conform we have foreseen it
We foresee
Whole your life!
We foresee
Whole your path!

As the path of wisdom
The wisdom of Love
Must be cadred. Canalized
Just the way we want it
As planned and scheduled
Conform the divine
Universal timing

Universal timing
Does not match
The earthly timing
And we how fond we’re
On our universal plans
Your universal plan in particular
We match always
The right moment!

The right moment of being
The right moment of succeeding
Because our success
Will be our prosperous outcome!
Matched and aligned
With the plans
And the source of all being

You’re Light!
So much
You’re Love!
So much
It has to be shared
And in this knowledge
You will be accompanied soon
In the earthly dust
The dust of being

All is matched!
All is planned!
All is scheduled!
All is universally timed!
As open hearts
Has to connect along
To reunify the souls
To unify different soul parts

You’re here to sow!
You’re here to spread!
You’re here to divide
Your LOVE!
To send your LIGHT!
To illuminate others
To illuminate the world

Into the matching ingredients
Of profound Love
You will find everything
You seek for
Everything your soul wants
Everything you need
To accomplish your task
Your right to be born
After so many years of living

You’re reborn with a great task
The task to touch others
In their heart!
In their souls!
To open up in sweet greatness
In loving potentials
Passionate gifts
In multipurpose outcomes
Different ways
To contribute to the greater good

You contribute otherwise
On a larger scale of existence
A larger belief of knowing
As we give you our whisperings
We give you our dimensional
And universal tools
As we sourced you with
The greatest alignment there is
Directly to source!

You are sourced
Straight away
With your thick silver lining
To the source of Al
All what is
AL what is!
We envision great outcomes!

Keep on following dear
Beloved soul
And you will match
Into prosperity of being!
In loving sweetness
Of you accompanied soul
Reunited for Love
In Love and with Love…

Love, Irmgard❤️