The burden of life

Life is life
However it flows
Whatever your path
The circumstances
The outstanding’s
The harsh moments and issues
It is all what you make of it!

You can put yourself
On the bottom of belief
Into the depth of negativity
Soaking into
The outcome of your thoughts
But it’s all what you maintain
With your minds
With your attitude!!!

So are you choosing for positivity?
Or for the painful remembrance?
The harsh compilation of your truth
Do you seek for the negative thinking?
Or for the bliss in your life?
It is all up to you!!!
Whatever you decide to live!
The awareness of the earthly truth
Must be revealed

Not only by us! By yourself!
You are the visionary of your life
The main board of your being
The navigator of your thoughts
The commander of your mind
So tell us, what’s up today?
Do you live the negativity
The down to earth spiral
Or the uplifting positivity
Narrated by the heart…???


Love, Irmgard