Soul Revelation

When you have met yourself
Into the mirror of the divine
Into the eye of the source
And in the process
Of self-revelation
Into the introspection
Of the awareness of your being
You have acquainted
Your true self in all its glory!

You dived into the deep
Into the looping’s of life
It felt like
An emotional roller coaster
You went on and on
Once you stepped into the chart
This steep, fast ride went on and on too
It seemed everlasting
And it made you feel exhausted

It felt like you stepped into
An ‘awful treadmill of life’
But on the contrary we have to say so
It was just to reveal, to unfold
The true you
The essence of your beloved being
Because in this revelation
Mirroring into the divine
With universal help
You finally met yourself!

Isn’t it great, dear child
That with our help, universal help
You met your true self
You dived into the deep
And found your soul!!!
It wasn’t easy, it was hurtful
And confronting in every corner
You ditched in but it was so worthy
Processes, processing, is never easy
But in the end it is all for the best

Now when your soul is digged
From deep, removed of all its pains
And layers of disbelief, hurt and grief
Not only of this life
Your soul is on the surface
Enabled to be lived
To shine, to be polished, to flourish
But most of all to be lived

Under all that layers of deep pains
You aren’t possible to live
Its full potential
According to universal plans
According to soul contracts
And Love, dear child of Love
Has to be lived in al openness!
And Light, dear child of Light
Has to be lived and given away

Let your soul bloom!
Let your soul live its purpose!
Let your soul live its predestined Love!
Let your soul live its life into
The ‘dusty environment’!
To glitter, to shine
And to give its Love & Light away!

Never ever neglect
Your precious soul anymore!!!
That time has passed
Follow your soul in the now
Wherever it goes
Whether it is in Love
Whether it is into the path of Light
What is foreseen for you!

Love, Irmgard❤️