Soul expansion

Is a mixture
Of happiness
Sad times
Burdens and pains
But that is life!

It seems rather strange
But we insist on
Letting you learn
Because in the moments of life
The grief, the pains
The challenges of the universal path
Your evolvement will take place

Everything occurs
With a reason
You soul has a plan
And we, we emphasize, too!
We follow exactly this plan
Dedicated and well
According to
The universal guidance’s

We follow in devotion
We follow in dedication
We follow with motivation
We put all our energy
In maintaining your universal plans
We are quiet occupied with that
We arrange everything around you
When it concerns the plan of your soul
The path of your soul

Why are we so dedicated and occupied???
Tell us. We are anxious to know
Why WE make the best effort
Put all our energy out the dust
In your plans?
To offer you
The best circumstances to evolve
And you, on the contrary
Lack to follow your soul
En masse: souls!

We are guardians of souls
We are keepers of universal plans
We try to do our best for you
All the way! All around!
We work hard to let your soul evolve
But often you even recognize your soul
You just won’t open your heart
To see and live it!!!

Soul evolvement is necessary
To climb on the ladder of Love
The staircase of Light
You want to go up isn’t?
Instead of going down?
Your soul seeks for Light!
Your soul seeks for Love!
But what are you doing in the meantime???
To ignore your soul
With your earthly adaption?

We kindly ask
We proudly insist
That you open up your heart
Unfold and reveal your soul
To make sure that you recognize
The life lessons in between
The happy and the harsh moments
All in order to grow
Into the purity
On the way to the source of Al(l)…

Love, Irmgard❤️