Sing, jump and dance through life!

I hardly opened my eyes that particular morning and I received these words below. As the frequency of my intuning to the spirit world sometimes varies, I can receive words of LOVE of different souls and angels. Most of the time I receive the channelings from the same group of souls, I call them soul brothers (including one soulsister!) or I just know, feel who gives me the words but what this channeling concerns, I just don’t know who talked to me…

Nevertheless… it is not about who gives the message but it’s ALL about the message itself.

Love, Irmgard❤️


Hip hop! Tap toe dance!
Through life
Dance! Sing along!
Do the jive!

Embrace your soul!
Make it swing!
In order to make it happy
You do everything!

Love, sing and dance!
Take every single moment
The specific chance
To do what you LOVE
To do what you dream off!!!

Don’t miss chances!
Life goes by!
Jump, sing, dance, LOVE and dream
Do whatever your soul shall bloom. Oh my oh my!!!

Make the move!!!
Embrace your soul fully
Seek for happiness
Don’t ignore it longer! You ain’t a ‘bully’!

Happiness comes, happiness goes
Seek for a balanced soul!
Seek for that purpose in life
Make that your ultimate goal!

You will be so much more happier
Than ever before
We want to emphasize that, to repeat
Shout that and sing it loud with our universal choir!

Never miss…
A chance on happiness
Don’t take things for granted!
Or ever for less!

Make sure you won’t ‘miss your boat’!
The ultimate quest in life
Do everything to evolve your soul
Take the chance, make that dive!!!

We have to go now. We will be back again
To make sure you won’t forget
The chances you missed
And at the end will regret…

Love, Irmgard❤️