Shine baby!

CHANNELING 18 October, 2018

You came into the dust
To shine baby!
Never let your light
Be dimmed!
By you everlasting thoughts
The beliefs or actions of others
By a lack of passion
By matters of life

You have to shine, baby!
In the Light
With all the love
You have inside you
Did you forget
That you are
A bright shining
Loving star?

An energetical outcome
Of a new or renewed soul birth
Into the earthly dust
Where you came from
Your Light was so bright!
As bright as on the staircase
Of souls to the pure Light & Love
The source of Al(l)

Don’t you remember
Your souls mission
That you have to evolve
Into the Light
Into the Love
Of your souls acknowledge
Of its own blueprint?
The universal map?

What is wrong with you???
That you forgot your souls mission
The purpose of life
You have to shine, baby!
Into the dust too
To make a step forward
On our beautiful staircase
The uplift to our own soul ‘heaven’

What went wrong?
All the information is in your library
In the library of your great soul
In its memory. In the great storage
Of energetical gatherings
(Of mostly many lives and tasks)
Why did you lost your connection
With yourself? With your beautiful soul?
Tell us, baby, what is the matter with you?

Please explain us why you intend
To forget the most beautiful
Soul achievement into the dust?
Try to make us understand why
You lost the connection, the bond
With your inner source
The Light. The Love
Of your earthly awareness

Baby. Baby. Baby…
You are our baby!
We love you as a soul
Why don’t you love yourself as a soul?
Why you just focus on the adaption?
That appearance what doesn’t match
With the alignment of your being
With our universe

We insist on making you aware
That your Light has to shine!
We insist on that your soul
Has to be lived!
What do we have to do, baby
To make you understand
That a radiant Light
Your brightly shining inner self
Has to glow! Has to sparkle!
Has to illuminate yourself, others and the world!

Baby, just listen to us
Make sure you do something today
What makes your soul happy
What makes your soul shine
What makes your soul sparkle
That you feel alive again!
That you feel your passion again!
The passion of your beloved soul!
Can you promise us that baby?
We would appreciate that
And your inner beauty (your soul) too!!!

The angels of Light
The angels of Love

Love, Irmgard❤️