Love is…

Into the encounters
Of your being
There is a feeling
Deeply inside
On vibrations
Of energy
It’s called LOVE

Love vibrates
All along
The inner awareness
Through the mind
Resonated by the heart
Resonated by the soul
You have to feel it
With an open heart
Through your soul
To understand
What deep Love means

Let yourself
Be accompanied
And guided by the universe
To open up your heart
Into the deep
Awakenings of your soul
You have already
All you want
All you seek
In your inner self
So the Love is!

Feelings of Love
Feelings of connective
Have to felt
Into the revealed truth
Into the revelation
Of your true self
The essence
Of the core
The source of Being

You’re there
When you have met yourself
In full glory
As naked as possible
As the naked truth
Of yourself
Has to be digged out
Before you actually
Can meet yourself
Before you can
Meet others
And connect!

Love is all about feelings!
You have to live these
To make sure
You can connect to
The highest form of Love
Known as
Deep deep soul Love
Live it the fullest
As you know
What feelings are
You can live them
And realize and feel
What Love is…

Love, Irmgard💗