Let your souls be loved

Bumping into your soulmate
With a deep, deep underlaying soul connection
Love from soul to soul is really rare
This is how Love is meant to be
The most profound and deep soul love
Felt from soul to soul, from heart to heart
Deep in the souls whoever are touched
This energetical bond, universal pact of Love
Is the purest form of Love seen in the Light and Love
Of our dimension, the world of pure Love and pure Light

Just as you might think
That you actually found the Love of your life
An eternal plan, contract of Love is made
It can be that fear and anxiety overrules this Love
May be the time is not right, or it is too soon
Or is it only unconditional Love you felt? We doubt that
Whatever the cause of the delay is
Please be aware that the universe works
Without guaranties concerning Love
But when a Love has to happen, it will happen

Love can’t be found. Pure lasting Love will find you
Along your route, during your life on earth
Especially on moments you are not ready for it
It is merely totally unexpected. Perhaps in the chaos
Of other life events, or you’re in another life process
There are a thousand reasons to let this Love pass by
But what is written in soulplans has to be lived
Sooner or later. Sure you have a choice
To make another decision and let your mind speak
Above you deep loving heart and soul
But does this choice makes you happier, lighter and loving?

We do our best to arrange deep soul Love
As the best we can. We, from the dimension of Light and Love
We are always busy with Love. Because Love is all there is
When your soul Love is written down in your soulplan
Our efforts, possibilities and boundaries are clearly
In this framework of both souls, relying on their blueprints
We do the best we can. Yes we do! But as your soul brothers
We have to say we can do a lot but not everything
But when a soul Love is so deeply
The Love and energy goes beyond borders of the world unseen
We take this very seriously and don’t think we let this pure Love pass!

As you know there is no willing when you measure this
In recognition, in Love, in happiness, in the deep inner connection
Also the inner child’s who wants to laugh, play and be joyful
You just have to follow your soul to be happier
So that the big yellow and golden sun can shine
Its sun rays, its bright Light on you to lighten up your soul
So that you’re able to shine baby on the firmament
To make your contribution to the greater good. For others
In love, for the Love, with Love
That is all about. Is that too much to ask for?

Take always your time. Slow down on your Love path
Some things in life can’t be rushed
Follow your path slowly. Meandering with life as it occurs
Isn’t that beautiful! Just follow the heart and the soul
They will lead you especially when your head is in the pink clouds
And your fears and anxieties are taking over your heart and soul
Leave it to us, dear beloved ones. We take care of both loving souls
Trust our capabilities, our knowledge and our soul library of Love
Hand your fears, we repeat this, over to us. Your universe!
Believe that everything will work out fine just the way as planned

That is all we wanted to say. Believe it or not we are highly occupied
These days to let the soul Love on earth live as much as possible
A loving heart and soul will shine brighter, will be lightened up
Among others. Our goal is to transform your planet in pure Love
Therefor the more hearts are loved, loving and shining
The more mankind will shine and connect by the hearts
Heart to heart love, lived from soul to soul
Let your souls be loved. Therefor open your hearts
Make our arrows of Love hit you in the heart and soul
We soul cupids do the best we can. Do you hand over your fears?

Love, Irmgard