In a blink of an eye

Life isn’t so common as you think!
Maybe you don’t realize
That in just a second
In a blink of an eye
Everything can be changed
Not only negatively seen
Don’t forget we are a positive dimension
The dimension of Love
And the loving gathering of the universe
Is represented by us

No, what we mean is that you start to consider
That your life isn’t so naturally ‘commonized’
As you think. As you believe
Every birth, every energetical ‘dusty’ outcome
Is an energetic wonder. A magnificent magic!
As energetical souls get an adaption
An outer shell. An outer representable form
To give their energetical gathering
A possibility to evolve into the dust
As all is planned. Universally scheduled

We foresee magical things!
On behalf of all souls
We can speak frankly and honestly
That our souls have their own uniqueness
So don’t assume anymore
That you can take life for granted
Because it isn’t!!!
It is all planned, it is al foreseen and
Energetically scheduled
We want to make you aware of that
Before you take another earthly day for granted!

As life isn’t as common as you might think
Also life itself, the life you live, is subjected to change
A life is moving. Changement! Flowing
Therefore we want to emphasize
That you should be conscious about
The life you live! About life itself!
Gratefulness is the greatest effort you can make
Towards the universe. To say thank you
To show us your gratitude for life itself
If you LOVE your life, the fact that you are born
Let us know! We can appreciate that a lot

We also want to let you know, to make sure
That in one blink of an eye life can be changed!
In a beautiful way, but sometimes on the contrary
That is also life! Life is life you know
And soul evolvement is the greatest good
The greatest purpose of life itself
Of the fact that you have been born
That you got an ‘dusty’ adaption
An outer earthly shell
For you appearance but also to live your soul
So never, ever take life and living for granted!
Do you promise us that?

Zadkiël and Metatron

Love, Irmgard