Get connected

From now on I won’t translate the channelings anymore. It will save me time. Only when I receive them in English… Sure I will translate them as I receive the words of Love in Dutch… As English is an universal language and Dutch isn’t.

Love, Irmgard

Let’s meet each other!
Get acquainted with their souls
Not that superficial outer appearance
Called the adaption
No we talk about soul meetings
Into the dust. The earthly dust!
As all is AL
All connected
By the source. In alignment
On vibrating energy chords
You are all sourced by Light and Love

As human beings you don’t differ so much
You think you do! Always that thinking
With the ego minds
It gives you disbelief, anxieties and stress
But an openhearted soul can meet
Themselves into the acquainted essence
Revealed into the depth
In greater alliance with their being
As you start from such a steady basis
You are really able to connect!

Connections in Love
Connections in Light
From soul to soul
From a deeper energy
To a deeper energy
Look further than the outer form
Tend to deepen your contact
With other humans
As connections on the deepest source level
Of your being gives you so much more
Connection from heart to heart!
Connection from soul to soul!

You have to be opened up!
The heart we mean
That the soul can be reseated
In total alignment with your being
In total alignment with the universe
You REALLY can meet the other
In matching energetical vibrations
That gives a deeper contact
You get acquainted, meet each other
On a totally different level, energy
Than when you meet superficially

Life is about connection!
About soul evolution!
You can grow, evolve and develop
Your being only when you are able
To are touched on soul level
Let your soul be touched by other souls
Let other souls be touched by your soul
In the energy flow
There will be so much transformation
A great exchange of energy

That is all about!
Get connected
Let your soul be touched
Let your soul evolve
Let your soul align
Deepen your life
And live by your soul
Connect with others by your soul
From soul to soul
Deepen the vibrational energy
And embrace each other in Love
As we embrace you all in LOVE

Zadkiël and Metatron

Love, Irmgard