Celebrate life!!!

Life is life!
That’s an universal fact
Surrender to the ‘feasty’ side of life!
And celebrate your existence!
By working hard
You won’t feed your soul properly
On an adequate basis…
Regularly nourishment
Is required to maintain your soul
To keep it glowing and sparkling

The passion of life is
To find that inner spark
The universal glowing in your being
Within the awareness
Of your accomplished state of being
Find that inner passionate feeling
That you will make you dance, sing and shout
Shouting the happiness… felt in your soul
Felt in your beautiful heart

Celebrate life!
Glow, glim and sparkle
All the way around
Life isn’t alone working hard into the dust
Life also is making fun, laughing
To do everything what makes your soul
Your being happy. As happy as it’s possible
You’re the fun master!
You’re the party master!

Make it sparkle!
Dance along your route
The path of your soul
Cherish all that good things
Along your path. The path of prosperity
Just surrender and take advantage
As soon as you walk on the path
Your soul desires of you
Of all the abundance, chances and
‘Lucky’ coincidences. The synchronicities

Be adaptive
In acceptance
Keep the mind open
And be open minded
Embrace the ‘luckyness’
The happy live events
Laugh all around and triple the dose
Life is fun too!

You just have to make sure
You open your recipient to it
With a positive mind
With open arms
O yes you can! You’re able too!
Focus on positivity. On happiness
That is all we ask.
Are you willing. We sure are!!!

Love, Irmgard❤️