Be open minded – Arcturians

Life is a thin surface
In the eternal eternity
It is shallow and precious
Shivering and anxious
Lined up between the human mind
And it’s dedication
To make the best of it

Meanwhile we accompany
On your journey
The biggest belief and disbelief
Lays in the fact
That you think, yes you humans
That you have figured it out yet
Acknowledging and ‘shouting’
That you came so far

In your lives
How shallow and emptiness
They sometimes seem to be
In the achievement
To discover worlds outside
Your known, well-known planet
Earth isn’t a big deal
And your achievements
Are far behind other dimensions

You just started with humanity
A toddler in the universe
Unaware of all the universal
Corners and highways of energy
Unbelievable naïve in your
Scientific knowledge
And achievements until so far
You are far BEHIND any other dimension

You think you have figured it out
With your planet, lives
With scientific knowledge and proof
Your surface of achievements
Is as a thin layer of energetical knowings
A shallow river into the big ocean
Called the magnificent universe
Do you even realize how far behind you’re???

There’s a certain human arrogance
A disinterest of belief
The belief and the veil
The veil of ignorance
That covers your humanity
That limits the human minds
To acknowledge that there
Is more out there than
The human eye can meet
The human mind can accept

The universe is a big unknown world!
With many dimensions
Dimensions of love mainly
And dimensions we do not
Want to speak about
We are loving and caring
About your planet
You beautiful planet with possibilities

We invite you to be more open minded
About the magical wonders of the universe
We invite you to learn more about
Extraterrestrial life
About extraterrestrial dimensions
Of love. Of peace
We come to help you
More and the more
To make the shift to the fourth dimension

Do not fear us!
We are peaceful and kind
Loving and helpful
We invite you to stay open minded
And accept our existence
We want to be accepted
As a form of life
As a form of being
As a form of loving and caring beings

Look beyond the human mind!
Look beyond the thin layers of disbelief
Look beyond the human chaotic mind
Who wants to rule everything
We are far beyond any doubt
We are far beyond your minds
We are driven by telepathical communication
We just know. A knowing in energy

When energy meets energy
We are aware of that
We embrace the far evolved
Energetic dimension we live in

We are there for you!
To help. To make you ready for the shift
The energetical shift of your dimension
Planet earth to the fourth dimension
An unknown world grounded
On telepathical knowings and belief
Gatherings of energetical outcomes
A desire to communicate on strings of energy
A desire to live authentically from
Pureness and energetical stardust

Open your eyes and let us in
In your minds. In your lives
We are there. Along you
Sometimes we are seen
Sometimes we speak with humans
We like that! They are not afraid
We can tell you that
We vibrate on loving energy
And when your frequency meets ours
You’re able to meet us
And we are able to meet you!

Invite us en we will be there!
We embrace humanity
In all its forms
With all its shortages
With all its dualities
Once we were there too
We evolved into a dimension
Of higher consciousness
And one day, if we measure in your days
You will be there too!

We are Arcturians. Nice to meet you here!

Love, Irmgard💖