Acceptance of being

Never look
At your disabilities
Your abilities!

Never live
What you can’t!
Do live what
You’re able to!

Never look to
The impossibilities
Ease up and
Embrace the possibilities!

Never think
You’re ungifted
We all have our talents
Just live them!

Never assume
You have no purpose in life
In the alignment with yourself
Lies the purpose of being!

It’s just the way
You look!
You accept!
You envision things!
The quality of your mindset!

In the surrender of your being
You will find the greatest
Challenge there is

No matter what
It’s time to realize
As the moment
Is always now!

To accept yourself
And in the ‘okayness’ of being
You will find all what matters
The purpose of life!

Love, Irmgard💗