A confident soul

Are you confident, my dear child?
Tell us are you full of confidence
Or an aim worthiness instead?
Are you willing to look deeply
Inside your beloved being
To seek for the truth
Of yourself
Measured by the universal standards
Of confidence, worthiness and self-acceptance?

So did you reveal yourself already?
Did you get a wake-up call yet?
Divinely inspired
Universally arranged
We love souls
We certainly do love LOVE!!!
There is no doubt about that
But do you love yourself enough?

To make sure you give yourself
Your soul
The energetic awareness of your being
Enough credits to show itself
In its greatest dignity and possibilities?
In full acceptance of your being
In full acknowledge of your human adaption
Are you willing to dig deep into your layers?

The layers of self-awareness
Of soul revelation
Of the unfolded inner consciousness
Of your revealed soul
So… You know it already?
Do you accept yourself?
Do you live the okayness of your being?
Are you happy in great confidence
And self-acceptance?

Your humanely existed minds
Overrule the heart, overrule the soul
Instead of living your highest potential
You are ‘slaves of your minds’
Putting you down with their negative groundings
Their negative thoughts with fears
About your being. About being not good enough
But dear child, you are always good enough for us!

We want to emphasize this!
But your mind keep on limiting you!
Keep on making you shiver
Without any hazards
Put you and your soul & being down!
But you have so much to offer!
You have so much potential
In your ‘homie’. In your earthly adaption
As seat for your beloved soul!

Only in confidence
In full acceptance
With grace and worthiness
And with the greatest okayness
Of yourself with your inner being
With yourself in your human form
You’re able to live your soul completely
As said before your soul achievement
Evolution is our greatest purpose
Universally seen

Surrender, trust and accept!
Reveal, unfold and dig deep!
In full perspective
Into the deepest revelation
Of all that thick layers
Of your being
And unfold in the trueness
In great acceptance
And okayness

As a divine child of the Light!
As a divine child of Love!
So start loving yourself
And put yourself
Into your own Light!
It all starts
With trust and surrender
To your being

You are worthy!!!
You are okay!!!
You accept yourself completely!!!
You have confidence!!!
Live yourself!!!
Live your soul!!!

Love, Irmgard❤️