You’re a multi dimensional being

You just have to recognize
And discover your roots again
Your roots of being
Your roots of existence
Your roots of knowing
Why you’re here
What is your mission
And what do you need
To complete it?

Therefore you have to dig deep
Into the revelation of yourself
Into the truth of being
Into the deepest pains
Of your life and afterlife’s
Who you’re into the essence
What your soul’s mission is
And how to create a path
What suits this plan

We’re there to accompany
On your path
With your mission
Of spreading the Light
Of spreading the Love
For multi-purpose
For a multi-purposed universe
As the Light of the universe
As the Love of the universe
Has to be spread
For multi dimensionality

In the gathering of yourself
Your mission perhaps is clear
But you, seeds of stars
You are all Starseeds
Never forget that!
You have to take care of your being
You have to take care for yourself
Because as soon your light dims
Your Love decreases too
As the soul, your precious
Multi shared dimensional soul
Has to be fed with nourishment
Food for the soul
Food for the thought of being

You shining Light that you’re
Take advantage of you knowledge
Always in the best possible way you can
But never, never forget yourself
In your missioned way of sowing
Of being and spreading your Light
Spreading your Love
And always remember you’re
A gathering of multi-dimensional soul parts
Lived in many dimensions before
As you universally seen almost eternal soul
You have to serve your knowledge
Your rooted belief and wisdom
With serving yourself too

Don’t neglect your being!
As in the neglect, ignorance and
Disbelief of your mission
Lies the worst possible
Serving outcome of being
A light what isn’t possible to shine!
A Love what isn’t possible to sow!
So, dear child of the stars
Do you promise us to take care for yourself
The more and the more?
As your mission is to serve humanity
In the best possible form
You have to serve yourself first
By nourishing your soul. Your being
By knowing and accepting your task
Your task in Love! Your task in Light!
In Love. With Love. For the Love.
Embrace it! Embrace yourself!

The Arcturian board of Knowledge and sharing the Wisdom

Love, Irmgard💗