Collapse if you will, fall if you want, feel yourself broken… but rise you must (and learn)!

This weekend I saw the movie Eat, Pray and Love based on the book of Elizabeth Gilbert. In the movie she said “collapsing is the way to change…” This saying inspired me to write the (inspired by the universe) text below… Life isn’t about falling. Isn’t about to let you suffer, living you the harsh… Read More Collapse if you will, fall if you want, feel yourself broken… but rise you must (and learn)!


Sweet surrender

As my heart pounds, in anxietyAfraid of another path in lifeWhat comes closer each dayMy soul keeps wonderingAsking what is the big deal?In reflection how it wasAnd how it will beAs the past is well known andThe universe revealed a glimpse of my future The mind and the adaptationWould rather stick to the oldGiving meThat… Read More Sweet surrender


People are like ‘onions’…

This text is written by my dear son Clemens with autism. Years ago. He explains how he looks at people… ************************************************************************ PEOPLE ARE LIKE ONIONS…. They have layers, make you sometimes cry when something is amiss but used in the right circumstances they can add flavour and texture to a boring meal. When you first… Read More People are like ‘onions’…


Universal Love

I carry on my energetic “burden” The enflamed heart and soul… An universal attachment Of my mission What goes on and  on…   My heart knows… My soul knows… But as the misty mind comes in It throws a veil over my heart Over my soul and feelings   But it also gives me fears… Read More Universal Love


Salty insights

Walking on the beach With the salty wind in my hair The everlasting Sound of the waves As beautiful background music A rhythm of nature What never ends I find my stillness More and the more… In the silence of being The whispering words Of an universe unseen But always present Fill my inner knowing… Read More Salty insights


The happy ‘stuff’

To collect things… The random Material goods Just gives you Often a temporary Thin, a rather meager Satisfaction! But if you collect Nourishing moments The happy ‘stuff’ What makes your soul Glim and glam Sparkling and shine… That is a blossoming attitude! That are the real Collection items To cherish To fill up your memory… Read More The happy ‘stuff’