In the prosperity of the mind lies the outcome

We mean by this that…Whatever you are facingWhatever you deal withWhatever your struggles areIn your current lifeAlways… we MEAN ALWAYSKeep your thoughts POSITIVE!No matter what It might be quite a challengeBut in the envisioned thoughtsIn the prosperityOf the evokingThoughts of the mindYour mindLies the attractionThe attraction in energy So make sure…Whatever is going onIn this… Read More In the prosperity of the mind lies the outcome


Real passion comes from the heart! Real passion is felt in the soul!

✨To ROB…✨ The searching soul I, and my dear friend Lies😘, occassionally met yesterday… REAL PASSION COMES FROM THE HEART!REAL PASSION IS FELT IN THE SOUL! Make sure that you doExactly what your passionate youLoves to do!What makes you so dashingly happyThat you glow, shine and sparkleFrom the inside out As we, souls, have to… Read More Real passion comes from the heart! Real passion is felt in the soul!


Share your words of Love

Channeling December 28, 2017 ____________________________________ SHARE YOUR WORDS OF LOVE Say to your loved oneThat you Love deeplyBy your heart and soulName your feelingsGive them words!As wordsEven intuitive onesWill pass by Quicker than you might think! Don’t miss chancesBy not acting or saying!The actions you should takeThe words you ‘forgot’ or don’t dare to sayMoments… Read More Share your words of Love


You are okay!!!

In your own beliefIn your own convictionOf what you think of yourselfLies your worthYour own worthiness Your worth isUniversally seenOf great importanceAs in your worthLies your accepted essential you The essence of who you areIs so worthfulAs in the dignified belief of yourselfIn your ‘okayness’Lies your alignation with yourself The alignmentOn the deepestLevels of beingYou… Read More You are okay!!!


Light your fire!

Light your inner fire!A soul is driven by passionThe eagerness to expandIts talentful core in radianceIts illuminated sparklingLoveness A soul must sparkle!A soul must burn with passion!A soul should illuminate!A soul should live its talents!Its sparkling! Never underestimateThe Light in your soulOnce you are touched And your inner soul Light is enflamedYou know that never… Read More Light your fire!


Love isn’t superficial

To those who doubt about loveLove is felt deeply on the insideLove isn’t superficialLove must be feltIn the deepest layers of beingYour inner radiance should light upIf you think about your Love When the mind comes inWhen things take a turnUnbelievably unexpected or unseenMake sure you stick to your inner knowingThe knowing that real loveIs… Read More Love isn’t superficial


Love is all what is. Why don’t you give yourself a slice the more and the more???

I worked too hard, faced all my processes especially the last 2 years. I am tired, well say exhausted, and in stead of taking rest I worked harder than ever before. When as you work hard, you don’t need to feel…🥴🙈 Well… I can advice you that is not the best way to take care… Read More Love is all what is. Why don’t you give yourself a slice the more and the more???


Fundamental Love

In the everlasting search for LoveYou search too hardYou search in the wrong directionBut the most: you shouldn’t search at all! As all what you need is already insideAs in your beloved core is all what you needThe Love, the Light but also your eternal wisdomEverything you seek or ever have searched for…Resides already inside… Read More Fundamental Love


Love is Love!

Love is Love!You better live itSo it can cherish youComfort youAnd embrace youIn the sweetestCompilation there is! Love is Love!Let it sweeten youLight you upCarry you through lifeAs the utmost reliableKindest, sweetest and lovingGesture there is Love is Love!It is soft like a featherSmooth like the windIt carries mountainsAnd ravishingAs the sunset Love is Love!As… Read More Love is Love!